Pocket PC's paint mods

Asus P535, HP iPAQ hx4700 and HTC Blueangel (Qtek 9090) custom paint jobs, from 4pda.ru users :)

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HTC Touch Diamond theme and sounds

Short how-to tutorial for making our Pocket PC's looks like Diamond:

1. Deactivate HTC Home (Settings/Today/Items)
2. Copy all files to /Windows
3. Active HTC Home
4. Copy Diamond_v2.0.tsk to /Windows
5. Apply theme file (Settings/Today/Appearance)

You can use other clock faces from different diamond skins if you don't like this one.
And you can make a HHC pack if you want to.

* HTC Home is not included in the package

Download theme
Thanks to empex!

And now, all ringtones from HTC Touch Diamond ROM:
Download ringtones

Custom bootsplash screen for HTC Universal


I'm collected a few tools for custom bootsplash images, in first read this shortly how-to:

1. Download it from here
2. All files must be extracted in the same folder
3. Open your favorite graphic program and create a 640x480 bitmap image (.bmp), rename it to logo.bmp
4. Start rsbbmp.exe located in the folder, and select logo.bmp file, next step - convert all
5. Now, you need to install SdkCerts.cab on your device
6. Final step - start write_logo.bat and follow the instructions

Well done, you have a new bootsplash screen :)

Motorola MPx200 bass mod

If you have a MPx200, should to know that the sound with headphones is not pretty good, the bass is missing and the volume power is not much. Here I have a mod solution that makes the phone sounds better then MP3 player :)


What you need:

  1. Torx T5 screwdriver
  2. Old IDE cable
  3. Insulating tape
  4. Soldering-iron
  5. Two capacitors 100 or 470 mf
Read full story here:

Boost WiFi signal on your Pocket PC

Here I show you how to enhance a little bit more WiFi signal with this one easy to do modification (depends on device).


What you need:

  1. Torx T6 screwdriver (or different, depens on device type)
  2. Old phone with internal antenna
  3. Little piece of wire
  4. Insulating tape
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Home made docking station for Wizard

I founded this interesting mod tutorial on pdaclub.pl, and the author is xprimo. The main idea here - you don't want to spend much money for docking station for your pocket pc? Yes, me too, here we have an old Alcatel docking station ready for mod.


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How to fix stylus slot problem with Qtek 9000 (HTC Universal)

Main problem: the stylus slot is becoming not tighten enough to retain the stylus, and it slipped out by itself, here I have a solution.


What you need:

  1. Torx T6 screwdriver
  2. Super glue
  3. Piece of paper
  4. Toothpick
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Dell Axim X51V - VGA, RS232, USB hub, car charger, audio preamp

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Mod for a Dell Axim PDA, it includes: VGA out, Serial port with circuit for TTL to RS232 signals conversion, car charger, input for 5v Dell power supply (includes protection against connecting 12v and 5v at a time), PDA USB client connector, USB HUB x4 (powered when applying 5v or 12v), audio preamplifier with double format output (RCA and mini-jack connectors).

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Mod an NES Pad to work with a Pocket PC

I use my Pocket PC quite a bit for games, mainly old NES titles on the PocketNester emulator. But the hardware buttons on the iPAQ are too small, and it can be hard to use certain combinations. My solution for this was to interface an original Nintendo controller to my PPC.

Read full story here:

Original source: http://oscar.solarbotics.net/nespad.html

Motorola MPx200 with WM6.1

Here we have a Motorola MPx200 working with Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM, for more information about this ROM and download links go here - 6600-mpx200.com

Use a Pocket PC PDA as a WiFi phone

ppc phone

This week's How-To is a handy one for the folks out there who use the Vonage Voice Over IP (VOIP) service and happen to have a Pocket PC device with WiFi. We're going to show you how to turn just about any Pocket PC PDA device in to a real telephone with a working telephone number. At the end of this, we're also going to post our phone number so you can test it out (it might be a long distance call for you).

Full source of the tutorial: here